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Soil is a critical raw material defining the characteristics of ceramics, and that is why we have developed and produced a soil we have termed Fine Strength, which is refined raw material with a high degree of purity, as well as top-quality raw material for white porcelain. This top-quality raw material has a superior light-transmitting capability, a virgin white color, and great texture. The virgin white ceramics for everyday living are produced in the traditional manner, while going through rigorous quality control and design in superior facilities to meet international standards (ISO:9001, ISO:14001), all the way through packaging, in a one-stop manufacturing system where all the processes are performed internally. We have combined mechanical processes and manual processes to manufacture these environmentally friendly products that comply with strict international standards.

We have facilities for the production of as many as 100,000 pieces a month and a large space (9,900㎡) for creative and pleasant manufacturing.

We look at each of Insnine’s products from every angle, considering the aesthetic and economical aspects. The product designs, visual designs, and packaging designs have been carried out by experts not only from the company’s R&D unit, but also from those at the production site. All of the products manufactured by Insnine get GD certification, which means that Insnine is the only company in Korea acknowledged by the Korean government for its quality and design in manufacturing ceramics for everyday living.