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For the purpose of creating a practical use and industrializing the arts, the following 7 areas are those which Insnine focuses on to achieve the goal of establishing new spaces for production activities by combining the basic arts, the applied arts, and industry in order to construct a better living environment for people.

R&D / Focus on research for environmental design which integrates ingredients of color, the act of coloring, and the expression of them both in order to expand the boundaries of artistic expression. Education / Implement specialized field training sessions for each component of the arts to achieve practical arts training for application in daily life.

Design / Pursue the value of Only One through environmental and product designs, where differentiation and identity are sought. Manufacturing / Insnine is a company specializing in manufacturing ceramics and is equipped not only with the manufacturing facilities for producing ceramics for everyday living and art tile and the trifling ceramic interior articles, but also with a one-stop system for design research, manufacturing, and distribution, which can help Insnine focus on enhancing its competitiveness through the company’s own brand products and OEM-based products.

Restroom Interior For the purpose of bringing the arts to daily life, we have pioneered the specialized interior for restrooms, which may be one of the smallest spaces in our lives, by combining the arts, music, movies, architecture, and technology.

Convention for Exhibition With our own art gallery at the center stage for bringing diversity to the exhibition culture, we have implemented our own planned exhibition and also have worked as an agency for others to plan and carry out the exhibition. Distribution We also carry out specialized distribution for our own products and local products with unique designs.