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Gwangju Metropolitan city, in the southern part of Korea, has a population of about 1.4 million people, establishing itself as a center for education, culture, and industry.
Since early times, the city has been widely known for its arts and culinary delights, with beautiful and natural scenery and cleanliness.
The city is not only a high-tech industry city where the optical industry, one of the high-tech industries, has been nurtured intensively to drive the growth of the city, but also an industrial aspect that is home to production factories of conglomerates such as Kia Motors, Kumho Tires, Samsung Electronics, etc.

Since the establishment in 2005 of international events for the pure arts, Gwangju Biennale has prepared itself for the future as the mecca for Asian arts, where we have taken the lead in Asian arts and have also pushed ahead by paving the way in becoming the central city of Asian cultures.

The construction of Gwangju Design Center, targeted to the nurturing of the design industry has supported and fostered the local design industry, as well as established Gwangju Biennale, where advanced information on design can be exchanged.
Based on the cultural and artistic environment of Gwangju Metropolitan City, Insnine is a company of culture, devoting itself to creating new values and making arts a part of daily life, by weaving together the arts, design, and industry.



Gwangju Jeollanam-do